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The seas cover two-thirds of our planet. The Blue Zoo World opens its communities to each other to share ideas and experiences.....we've only touched the surface.
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Here is a photo of Maratecoara lacortei a fish I collected in Aruana,in the state of Goiania,Brazil. My best buddy,in Brazil,Luis Costa,first found it in 1980, when I told him in ,1979, that such a fish[annual] could be found in that region. It was as, it turned out to be, a accurate statement, as the following year Luis found them,as well as 2 other annuals,one of which bears his name as well. I subsequently made 3 trips to the region to bring them back alive.I took this shot about 4 or 5 years ago. It was the second of 2 fish the other being Nematobrycon lacortei,a fish from Columbia,S.A. I am pretty fortunate as both fish are very attractive.

Rosario Lacorte